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Our Flower Varieties

Abacus 2.0

The purp! This plant carries its color through its earthy tones, with a hint of grapes.  You can always count on this flower to get you through the season. 

Notes: Terpene Profile, Earthy & Fruity and Hairy purple buds.

CBG White

Onces a minor cannabinoid, this plant brings CBG to the forefront of the industry. Displays high potency with smooth & taste and demeanor.

Notes: Terpene Profile, Piney & Citrusy, Delicate and crystal coated buds.

Hawaiian Haze

A classic aromatic variety, offering tropical colors in the fall, Hawiian Haze is what we use in our extracts, and a flower we love to share with our friends, for all the reasons. 

Notes: Terpene Profile, Fruity & Floral, Beachtime vibe, Good for mixing or standalone

Jamacian Lion

This plant has gas. This is one of the most unique flower smells in our bouquet - a deep cheesy & gassy bud that roars. 

Notes: Terpene Profile, Cheese & gas and Hairy purple buds.


Known to be a producer in the field, these dense buds, cured long and slow, will stink up the room when you open your bag.

Notes: Terpene Profile, Cheesy & fruity, Smooth, gentle draw, Clear experience and Good for mixing or standalone

Oregon Bubblegum

This flower is a heavy hitter with dense buds. Hailing from the west, this plant had us blowing bubbles all season long. 

Notes: Terpene Profile, Cheese & Gas and Hairy purple buds

Sour Space Candy

What a plant! Excellent growth, huge yields and a unique “Jack” / Trainwreck terp profile. This plant is in a league of its own, and we know you will agree. 

Notes: Terpene Profile, Jack herer, Trainwreck Terps and Good for mixing or using alone.

Savur Haze

Truly a haze. Its growth structure and deep earthy nose land it in a unique category.  Add in some healthy terroir and this plant and its flower pops like no other.

Notes: Terpene Profile, Fruity & Floral, Earthy & pungent nose and High resin content.

Example title

This plant that lives up to its name from seed to sale.  It is a unique specimen that has a fruity / gassy aroma and is loaded with cannabinoids. A top-shelf flower through and through.

Notes: Terpene Profile, Deep, fruity & sweet aroma and Sticky & Resinous bud.

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More Sours

Take your favorite CBD plant and cross it with GG#4 and welcome to the world of sours. Unique taste and flavor, there is no looking back from here.

Varieties: Sour Lifter, Sour Suver Haze, Sour Special Sauce and Super Sour Space Candy